The Amazin’ Mets Are Back

Eight weeks ago any baseball fan would have seen this headline and laughed at it. Now every Met fan that suffered through the first 3 months of this season is laughing at them. The Amazin Mets have won 14 out of their last 15 games and after a truly unbelievable win last night, there are no signs of them slowing down soon.

Three weeks ago this season was doomed. I was already looking forward to the upcoming Jets season as they have provided some hope this offseason. (Any football fan knows how fucking foolish it is to have any faith in the goddamn Jets.) Yet, here we are, the Mets sitting at 60-56 and half a game behind the Breweres for the 2nd Wild Card spot in the NL. I don’t know what the last 2 months of the season has in store for this team but I do know, along with every Met fan, Ya Gotta Believe!

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