Fantasy Football Season is Upon Us

With week 1 of the NFL pre-season almost in the books, Fantasy Football is officially in full swing. Mock drafts are happening left and right, rankings from every writer with a pulse, and of course the annual overreaction to pre-season performances.

Now I will also be doing rankings by position one day at a time. Tomorrow will be the QBs followed by RBs on Monday, WRs on Tuesday and finally TEs, Ks, and ST/Ds on Wednesday. Now one thing to keep in mind when reading rankings is it all depends on who you are drafting with. If you scroll through ESPN rankings and mock drafts you will not find a QB near the top of the board. These so called fucking experts find no value in guys like Pat Mahomes throwing up a 50 piece every god damn week. Anyone who plays fantasy though knows a draft can get flipped upside down real quick. You have your homers who pick their favorite team’s players and then there is always that schmuck who just has no clue what theyre doing. Just remember to go into your draft with a strategy, and then forget that shit as the chaos ensues.

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