2019 Fantasy Football Rankings: RB Edition

Sundays without football are for the fucking birds! As my fantasy drafts draw closer, I really start to get antzy for football to officially start, not this preseason bullshit, but actual meaningful football. Nothing beats waking up hungover as shit on a brisk October morning to some coffee and a cigarette with Sunday NFL Countdown on the TV knowing the 1 o’clock games are just a couple hours away. It makes it even better if you have an awesome wife who makes a fuckton of food for you on Sundays as well. No matter what your preferences for Sunday mornings, they are better with football on the horizon.

Today I am ranking the top 50 RBs for the upcoming fantasy season. These rankings are something that may help you in your draft, but we all know no draft goes exactly according to plan and some schmuck will put the whole thing out of wack by drafting Tom Brady in the first goddamn round because “he’s the goat”. Either way, let your dumbass friends be dumbasses while you draft yourself a fucking CHAMPION! Here we go:

  1. Saquon Barkley-You will not find a different name in this spot on any other site. This guys is a FREAK OF FUCKING NATURE! He’s got the biggest fucking thighs I’ve ever seen and he is poised for a huge season as the only piece on a shitshow of a team.
  2. Christian McCaffrey-Coming off a breakout season, he looks like even more of a brick shithouse than he did before. Regardless of Cam Newton’s status, count on CMC for 20+ touches a game.
  3. David Johnson-Fully healthy with an offense that is going to be moving under new coach, Ryan Gosling Kliff Kingsbury, David Johnson will regain his 2016 form and put your fantasy team on his back.
  4. Alvin Kamara-We already know what he is capable of, but can he handle being an every down back over 16 games. I think so, and I think he will be a 1,000 yard rusher this year. The touchdowns may go down from his 14 last year, but the touches and yards will definitely be there.
  5. Joe Mixon-Mixon showed last year what he is capable of and there are no signs of him slowing down this year.
  6. Nick Chubb-Chubb is tricky because Kareem Hunt will jump into the picture halfway through the season. His talent is undeniable and even as an RBBC Chubb is worth it in the First Round.
  7. Todd Gurley- If Gurley stays healthy, and that is a very big ‘if’, he may finish top 5 in points, but with the injury looming he settles in here.
  8. Ezekiel Elliot-With a holdout on the horizon taking Zeke in the First Round might be scary. If he plays, he will dominate, if not, you just wasted one of your first two picks.
  9. Damien Williams-A RB in a Chiefs offense putting up a ridiculous amount of points and yards. I’m sold.
  10. Josh Jacobs-Jacobs did not get a chance to showcase his skills at Bama, but don’t worry, it’s all there.
  11. James Conner-Look for him to be used early and OFTEN.
  12. Le’Veon Bell-New team, same Le’Veon.
  13. Dalvin Cook-Hopefully he can stay healthy to showcase his talent.
  14. Devonta Freeman-Without Tevin Coleman stealing carries look for a big year from Freeman.
  15. Aaron Jones-New coach, newfound focus on the run game.
  16. Melvin Gordon-Same situation as Zeke, less talent.
  17. Leonard Fournetter-Look for a huge bounce back from Fournetter with Foles at QB.
  18. Marlon Mack-Over 900 yards in just 12 games. Sign me up!
  19. Kerryon Freeman-Based on talent he would be much higher. Given his situation in Detroit, I am not so high on him yet.
  20. Sony Michel-Beast as a rookie, even better as a sophomore.
  21. James White-Catches 50 fucking passes a game.
  22. Chris Carson-Russell Wilson is the Seahawks best rusher.
  23. Mark Ingram-I like him as a feature back in an extremely run-heavy offense.
  24. Derrick Henry-Finished last season strong, looking to start this one the same way.
  25. Tevin Coleman-Feature back in SF with a healthy Jimmy G. Could finish top 15.
  26. Philip Lindsay-Look for him to build on big rookie campaign.
  27. David Montgomery-Extremely hyped rookie. Look for him to be starter by midway.
  28. Kenyan Drake-Main back with either Rosen or Fitzmagic starting=LOTS OF CARRIES.
  29. Derrius Guice-Hopefully healthy to showcase his talent in second season.
  30. Jordan Howard
  31. Miles Sanders
  32. Lamar Miller
  33. Royce Freeman
  34. Tarik Cohen
  35. Latavius Murray
  36. Austin Ekeler
  37. Rashaad Penny
  38. Kalen Ballage
  39. Ronald Jones
  40. Duke Johnson
  41. Darrell Henderson
  42. Peyton Barber
  43. Dion Lewis
  44. Justin Jackson
  45. Carlos Hyde
  46. Jamaal Williams
  47. LeSean McCoy
  48. Matt Breida
  49. Chris Thompson
  50. Damien Harris

Those are MY top 50 RBs for the 2019 Fantasy Football Season. Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s WR rankings!

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