2019-20 SEC Outlook Alabama

Tua the man. A fuckin rocket for an arm. Protected by a line of mammoths. Who gonna stop him? Injuries?

As the world sits back and awaits the start of College football i sit here and ponder whether anyone can knock ‘Bama off of their high horse. So lets dive in…

Alabama Crimson Tide the reigning kings of the SEC will once again prove why Nick Saban is a fucking wizard. He is like the which in the movie “Hocus Pocus”.

“Come little children, I’ll take thee away / Into a land of enchantment / Come little children, the times come to play / Here in my garden of magic.”

Effective yes…annoying YES…he can lose every player from the year prior and still be a top 3 team in the nation. Saban can pick and choose with recruits and it shows with the #2 recruiting class of incoming freshmen. Unfortunately for the talented Crimson Tide, 5 star RB Trey Sanders suffered a foot injury and is expected to miss the season. **Poor Saban** My guess is JR Running back Najee Harris (6.7 yds per carry, 783 yds in 2018) will be able to handle the starting position just fine without the talented freshman breathing down his back. From everything i have read the WRs are TALENTED. STACKED. DEEP so prolly another Amari and Julio somewhere on this roster. Saban will also be returning the Heisman Trophy Candidate Tua Tagovailoa . Tua a Hawaii native threw for damn near 4k fucking yards and tossed 43 tds. This offense should be just as explosive this year as last year (519.2 yds per game). So fuck it without even looking at the defense which Bama had a top 20 defense in 2018 i will make my season prediction.

Duke-Win (50-7) Tua with 4 TDs on 5 passes

NM State-Win (69-3) Defense with 3 Turnovers and 6 Sacks

South Carolina-Win (42-14) Big day one the ground for Bama. The Gamecocks allowed 200 yds rushing a game in 18.

Southern Miss (Who? Jk..maybe)-Win however many Tds Saban wants

Ole Miss- Win (62-14)

A&M-Win- (45-31) This one will be closer than last year because Jimbo is that dude.

Tennessee- Win- (58-21) Fuck Tennesee always so hyped

Arkansas-Win-(58-21) Arkansas my team but lets be realistic. We just ain’t there yet.

LSU-Win- (34-7) Coach O is funny as shit and i cant decipher half the shit he says. But on the real nahh not in the same ballpark….yet

MS State-Win- (31-7) State had a hell of a Defense last year. But Tua another year of coaching and progression will be too much.

WCU-WIN- Copy and paste what i said about NM State.

Iron Bowl- Win- (44-21) This wont be a kick six scenario.

All in all i see them running thru the west and the cupcake non conference. Their one road block may be A&M during the regular season. When they get to the Conference Title game vs Georgia. All bets are off. These two teams have battled it out the past couple years… and been juggernauts in the recruiting game. Again it is early August and a QB or two go down and it could shiggy shake everything up. Game one vs Duke is August 31 on ABC. Tune in to the tear up.

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