2019-2020 NBA Schedule Release

Today was the much anticipated release of the 2019-2020 NBA Regular Season Schedule. After a ridiculous fucking offseason there will be plenty of games we will have circled after reviewing this schedule. Now let’s get into it!

Opening Night

Two must watch games! Zion makes his debut along with the new look Pelicans against the defending champs, and Lebron, AD and the rest of the Lakers against Kawhi, PG13, and the rest of the Clippers. The first game will have plenty of buzz as Zion is the biggest rookie in the NBA since Lebron and every NBA fan is excited to see how these new Pelicans look together. The second game is going to be fucking insane! What a goddamn atmoshpere the Staples Center will have that night! Both teams with title aspirations, 4 of the 10 best players in the world, and bragging rights for the city of LA on the line. Couldn’t have asked for a better opening night!

Star Returns

Kawhi makes his return to Toronto on December 11th. This to me is the biggest one of the year because he literally fucking hit it and quit it in Toronto. He went there, won a title, and bounced. The Toronto fans better show him a whole lot of love on that night.

On January 9th Russell Westbrook returns to OKC for the first time since being traded. No matter what you think about Westbrook, he gave that city everything he had for almost 10 years and I can imagine there is going to be a huge ovation for my man Russ.

Kyrie returns to Boston on November 27th after 2 roughhhhh years. I hope they boo the shit out of him because he was definitely holding this team back from reaching their potential. Brooklyn also travels across the Brooklyn Bridge to the Garden on November 24th where both Kyrie and KD will hear plenty of shit from the angry Knick fans, myself included. Fuck those assholes! Both of them!

Kemba makes his way back to Charlotte on November 7th for the first time since peacing out on Jordan and the Hornets. Kemba gave this franchise everything he had for 8 years just to get fucked by Jordan. As amazing as MJ was as a player, he is even worse as an owner, and he low balled the shit out of Kemba and now they may be the worst team in basketball this year. What a fucking moron.

Finally, after spending 12 years in Memphis, Mike Conley returns in his first season as a member of the Jazz on November 15th. Mike Conley has been as solid a PG as there has been over the last 12 years and deserves nothing but love from the Grizzlies faithful.

Rookie Matchups

The biggest rookie matchup of the year is obviously going to be MY FUCKIN’ GUY RJ BARRET, and Zion Williamson when the Knicks take on the Pelicans on January 10th. This game is going to be covered like crazy by the media, and even more so if both are in the Rookie of the Year Race. Another game with crazy atmoshpere.

Ja Morant and Zion will face off for the first time on March 21st in another game between probable ROY candidates. Finally Ja Morant and MY FUCKIN’ GUY, RJ Barret will face off on January 29th on the biggest stage at the Garden. These 3 guys may be the face of the league for the next 12-15 years so best pay the fuck attention now!

Christmas Day Games

Christmas Day is FUCKING LOADED this year! The day starts with the defending champs going up against the young bucks trying to take the title from them as the Raptors take on the Celtics. This is followed by MVP candidate the Greek Freak and the Bucks vs. Joel Embiid and the 76ers. Next is the new look Rockets against their rivals the GS Warriors. The 4th game, and the game with the most starpower is the Lakers and the Clippers. Then we close the night out with a glass of red wine and the Pelicans vs. the Nuggets. Zion gets Christmas Day in his rookie year. If that doesn’t tell you what expectations are like for him, I don’t know what the fuck to tell you. Big names on a big day always leads to good ass games.

I will get into a full blown preview of the NBA including playoff teams, award predictions, and Finals predictions. Let me know if I missed any big games in the comments or on Facebook!

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