2019 Fantasy Football Rankings: WR Edition

Every year the same position produces the biggest bitches in all of sports: Wide Receiver. There are a few exceptions no doubt, but too many WRs are all about themselves, and their numbers. This position can also have an enormous impact on any game. They can bail QBs out, help out RBs by blocking downfield (which many of them do not like doing), and the good ones can make themselves open on almost every play. This same position is also the position in fantasy that drives people FUCKING BANANAS! Any schmuck can go for a huge fantasy day as a WR. Too often you see some chode who is no doubt on the waiver wire in your league, go off for like 40 fucking points, meanwhile you have AJ Green who had 2 targets becasue Andy Dalton is a fucking disgrace. There are very few consistent fantasy WRs every year, but believe you can trust at the very least this top 5!

  1. Julio Jones-Unfuckingbelievable is a word that comes to mind when I think about Julio. Now that Sarkisian’s dumbass is gone, it’s time for an even bigger year for Julio.
  2. Deandre Hopkins-Another freak of fucking nature, this guy can catch any ball thrown his way. Watson to Hopkins is something you’re gonna hear quite a bit of this year. (Notice a trend with my top 2? They are not fucking headcases like a couple of the guys down the list)
  3. Davante Adams-Fully healthy Rodgers in a new system spells plenty of success for this fucking stud.
  4. Michael Thomas-Nobody has caught more passes in their first 3 years in the league than this fuckin guy. He is an absolute animal and is looking to show the league he deserves his new extension.
  5. Odell Beckham Jr.-The first of the psychopaths on this list, also may be the most talented receiver ever if he keeps his stupid gold hair out of his ass.
  6. Mike Evans-Looking for a bounce back year from Jameis, Evans is in for a huuuugggeee fucking year!
  7. Keenan Allen-He has shown what he can do when healthy, but staying healthy has been the problem. I like his chances this year.
  8. Tyreek Hill-This guy is a certified fucking dick! But he can catch deep balls from Mahomes.
  9. Juju Smith Schuster-First year without AB look for Juju to jump right into the spotlight as the Steelers new big star.
  10. Adam Thielen-All this guy does is catch fucking footballs! Does not matter who is throwing it, he is gonna catch it!
  11. TY Hilton-Huge threat all over the field for Luck. One of the fastest WRs and he will have plenty of chances to showcase that speed this year.
  12. Amari Cooper-He broke the fuck out after joining Dallas last year. He is looking for a new expensive contract and I think he will earn it this year.
  13. Julian Edelman-Sharpie him in for 12 catches a game.
  14. Antonio Brown-An absolute fucking nightmare, he is completely batshit, but he knows how to run routes and catch footballs.
  15. Brandin Cooks
  16. Robert Woods
  17. Cooper Kupp-All three of these guys are gonna have big years again for a team that is gonna average over 30 points per game again.
  18. Stefon Diggs-Big red zone threat for Kirk to throw to, I think he has a whole nother level we have not seen yet, and we will see if he gets there this year.
  19. DJ Moore-I really like DJ, especially if Cam’s shoulder is really fine. Big breakout year for him.
  20. Alshon Jeffrey-Wentz will be playing like an MVP and who better for him to throw to than the fucking giraffe that is Alshon Jeffrey.
  21. Kenny Golladay-Will be the numer 1 target in an offense that throws a fuckton.
  22. Chris Godwin-Solid number 2 behind Evans and he will also benefit from a big year from Jameis.
  23. Tyler Boyd-Will assume number 1 duties for a few weeks while Green is out, then he will return to be a solid 2 behind Green.
  24. AJ Green-Hopefully comes back healthy and will settle back into being the stud he is.
  25. Mike Williams-Freak fucking athlete who will hopefully put it together this year.
  26. Robby Anderson-Hoping for a big year with 2nd year QB Darnold.
  27. Tyler Lockett-Speedy WR who will benefit from deep balls from Russell Wilson.
  28. Will Fuller-Solid WR for Watson to have behind Hopkins. Looking to play a full season for the first time.
  29. Calvin Ridley-I am extremely high on Ridley this year. I can see him producing top 20 numbers this year.
  30. Dede Westbrook-The biggest beneficiary from the Nick Foles signing, look for him to break out in a big way.
  31. Sterling Shepard
  32. Jarvis Landry
  33. Dante Pettis
  34. Allen Robinson
  35. Larry Fitzgerald
  36. Christian Kirk
  37. Emmanuel Sanders
  38. Geronimo Allison
  39. Curtis Samuel
  40. Anthony Miller
  41. Marvin Jones Jr.
  42. Corey Davis
  43. Donte Moncrief
  44. Michael Gallup
  45. Marques Valdez-Scantling
  46. Desean Jackson
  47. Keke Coutee
  48. Devin Funchess
  49. James Washington
  50. John Brown

Take these to the fucking bank! You can thank me after you win your league this year.

Let me know what you think and check back tomorrow for TEs, Ks, and D/STs.

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