Unfiltered Sports-SEC

Howdy!!! My name is Stephen Poe aka Poeflo. Born and raised in Arkansas and you can bet your ass you can find me calling the Hogs, “WOO PIG SOOIE” with every kick off. Being a hog fan means having unyielding loyalty and riding a constant roller coaster of emotion. But in the great words of Michael Scott, “I am ready to get hurt again.”

Am I biased when it comes to college football? Fuck yes I am…the Southeastern Conference (SEC) is a gauntlet year in and out..even the bottom feeders (Arkansas and Kentucky) have top 25 years…once or twice a decade…with that said “We the best”is not just a saying it’s a lifestyle as an SEC fan. Thanks for clicking on “Unfiltered Sports” and stay tuned for ALL things SEC and all things UNFILTERED.

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