Wake Up With Your Early Morning NFL Countdown

22 days! 22 days until the Bears take on take on the Packers. Only 22 days until our blood pressure collectively rises with the start of Fantasy Football. We get to celebrate this day of the countdown with the NFL’s all time rushing leader, Emmitt Smith. One thing most football fans agree on is the fact that we fucking hate the Cowboys. Jerry Jones is a chode, Tony Romo is a way better announcer than football player, and they have done nothing but underachieve for the last 20 years. Emmitt Smith however was incredible, and his 80-90s Cowboys won 3 Super Bowls before the Cowboys really started shitting the bed. With so many RB by committees now, this record may stand for a very long time. Cowboys fans can use this video to relive the glory days as Zeke chills in Cabo during the preseason.

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