Mickey Callaway Should Never Sniff Another Managerial Job

Mickey Fucking Callaway! Him being a horrendous fucking manager has gone completely under the radar the last 3 weeks as the Mets had pulled themselves back into the playoff race. But let me tell you his fucking stupidity was on full fucking display last night!

Steven Matz was dominating one of the best teams in baseball last night. He had retired 14 in a row when the Mets took a 2-1 lead in the 7th. Matz had only thrown 79 pitches, and he had even taken his at bat in the 7th inning. So what does Mickey do? He fucking pulls him! He puts the Mets closer in after not being completely warmed up, and what the fuck do you think happene? THEY FUCKING IMPLODED! Lugo gave up 5 runs in the 7th and the game was over! What a fucking joke the leadership for this team is. All the way from thos rat fucks the Wilpons down to this pussy manager Mickey Callaway. Hopefully the players for the Mets can continue to overcome all the nonsense to keep winning some games.

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