Reason #1 Why the NFL Preseason BLOWS-Injuries!

Fuck this shit! Avery Williamson, the New York Jets starting inside linebacker, tore his ACL during a preseason game last night and will miss the entire 2019 season! What a fucking joke these 4 games are. He really should not have even been in the fucking game as he was the only starter still on the goddamn field. Whether it’s a coach’s fault, or just the fact that they play 4 fucking games, preseason is a joke!

Look at Julio Jones. Not playing a single snap this preseason. He doesn’t need to. You get all the reps you need in practice and he will go out in week 1 and look like he hasn’t missed a beat. Matt Ryan spent almost the entire first half running for his life and is lucky he didn’t get hurt with some of the hits he was taking. Players get hurt all the time during these 4 meaningless fucking games and nothing has changed.

One solution could be to cut the preseason down to 2 games just to sort out final roster spots. Week 3 of the preseason is the scariest week because Sam Darnold is going to be out there for the entire first half, maybe longer, and I will be sick watching it. Get the fuck outta here with these dumbass games so the players can stay healthy!

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