The 7 Line Army Takes Over Kauffman and the Mets Get That Dub!

The 7 Line was out in full fucking force tonight at the K to show up the Royals and their fans! I was at the game with my wife and Mets fans easily outnumbered the Royals fans and it was fucking emasculating for the home team to say the least! What an atmosphere with the 7 Line leading the chants and the Mets finally getting some timely hitting to pull out a win.

7 Line Army Owning Kauffman Stadium

It all started with deGrom doing deGrom things and retiring the first 9 KC batters he faced. He got into a little trouble in the 4th eventually surrendering his only run on an error by Alonso, but he bounced back to get through 7 solid innings giving up only the 1 run. A clutch base hit by Panic tied it in the 5th and then a huge base hit by the Polar Bear gave the Mets the lead for good. Mickey did not bring in that fucking chode Diaz so we did not have to worry about this one slipping away from us.

The 7 Line led the way and the rest of the Mets fans in the stand followed suit in the win tonight and they’re back at it tomorrow afternoon for the series win! LFGM!


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