9 days until time travel becomes a thing…

The year is 2004. You and your buddies rush home from school with the utmost haste. As you race to the computer you make sure to grab a Capri-sun. You double click the gold W on your desktop and wait. Next thing you know you’re balls deep in Azeroth with your boys and without realizing you’ve lost 8 hours of your life; you never did your homework.

If that sounds familiar then you are in luck my friends. WOW’s VANILLA CLASSIC SERVER DROPS IN 9 DAYS! it’s not a drill folk. We are officially one weekish out from the release and it’s getting real folks. The real question is….Horde or Alliance?!

Obviously, I’m not a complete dumpster fire of a human being so I will be rocking Horde with the guild on the 27th of this month. The grind is going to be long and hard (like the inevitable Giants football season) , but I’m excited. The squad will be crushing Upper Blackrock Spire in no time in honor of LEEEEEEEERRRROOOOY JEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIINS!!!

Name reservations are open now folks, don’t delay!

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