The Sherriff Presents Your Daily Countdown to NFL Opening Night

We are down to 18 days until Opening Night! Only 18 fucking says until the fun begins! There is only one obvious choice for the number 18. Peyton “Fivehead” Manning! The GOAT Sherriff was the number one overall pick in the 98 draft by the Colts and went on to be one of the best QBs to ever live! He holds the record for single season passing TDs with 55, most career passing TDs with 539 and most pssing yards in a season with 5,477! Now with the direction the league is going those records may not last, but it is still extremely impressive nonetheless. He changed how the QB position was played with his work at the line of scrimmage and he will forever be remembered in NFL history! Now enjoy Peyton dropping dimes throughout his career!

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