WEEK 1 College Football: Hurricanes Or Gators?

EVERYONE this is a public announcement!!! It’s time for some pig slanging football! Enough of the endless HGTV and boring ass baseball. Ya know i even watched alot of the BIG3 this year and it was entertaining but nothing can get your Mood and vibe good like some Smash Mouth football!

First game of the 2019 College Football Season is The University of Miami vs The University of Florida. The Gators come into this season ranked #8 coming off of a 10-3 record and the Hurricanes are coming off a very scary 7-6 record. Now these two teams have played 6 times this millennium and the ‘Canes came out victorious 5 out of the 6 with their only loss coming to Tim Tebow and Aaron Hernandez in 2008. Buuuuuut this team isn’t the old shitty Gators from the past. Dan Mullen has gotten this squad GEEKED up and ready to ball out. Miami is coached by Manny Diaz who has some juice but not enough to get past the Gators. The Gators are back to their head hunting days like back in ’08.

A longtime fan and homeboy of mine close to the Gators (in proximity not actually an inside man) sent me his outlook on the Gators.

Now I don’t know any Miami fans but based off of the amount of Kool-Aid my boy Boyd is sippin im gonna double cup it and go all in on the Gators for this game. Gators Win 31-14.

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