2019 AP Preseason Poll has been released!

Honestly the fuckin idiots at the Associated Press do not even matter anymore. Ever since the CFB Playoffs started the only rankings that matter are the ones that come out after week 6. But here are your 2019 preseason rankings!

Tell me what they got wrong!


  1. I’ve got a few issues with the standings. Now I’m an Oklahoma fan so I might sound a little biased, but idk how Texas is a preseason top 10 after a 4 loss season. They are losing most of their production on defense and honestly they are the same team as last year. A&M is another one. I’ve seen them in the cellar of the Big 12 in past years and they haven’t translated well into the SEC, their biggest accomplishment was a Heisman who took them to the Cotton Bowl to beat Oklahoma. I think there is more hype around the Texas teams more than normal. We will see where everything stands by week 6.

    1. Yeah there are always issues with the rankings, but Texas will be able to prove themselves in a big week 1 matchup against LSU. I agree with you that they may be a little high after losing so much production.

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