The Mets Do It Again!

The Mets seemed destined to lose this game. Stroman leaves after 4 innings to a hamstring injury and gives way to the achilles heel for the Mets all season long, the bullpen. Well not today baby! Not fucking today! The bullpen combined for 6 real solid innings giving up only 2 runs. All seemed lost though after Santana hit a go-ahead homer in the top of the 10th, but not so fast!

The boys came through in fuckin crunch time and got the job done! JD ‘Double Davis’ Davis might be the hottest hitter on the planet so it did not matter that he was 0-4. The entire city of NY knew JD was gonna come through! And boy did he ever! A rocket down the left field line to score Confort from second for the W!

There is something about this team that is special! If the bullpen can limit the fucking meltdowns and we stay away from that dildo Diaz in the 9th, they will definitely make a run at October! But for now let’s just bask in this unbelievable run that has brough us back from the dead!





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