MOBAs are making a comeback!

It’s been a week since Genesis was released on PS4 and I might just be the most hidden gem on the MOBA-marketplace currently. Genesis is a futuristic SCI-FI 5vs5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA. If you haven’t been living under a fucking rock for the past decade you already know that MOBAs are a massive hit with names like DOTA and League of Legends at the forefront of the Major League Gaming community.

So with two giants already dominating the market how does Genesis even have a shot at competing? First, it’s console exclusive! You don’t have to be a whiz kid with a 492 key keyboard and mega mouse to be competitive. Second, it definitely has the feel of a lot of our favorite MOBAs, but it plays in its own unique was. The player pool currently consists of 28 unique characters that all have different abilities/personalities. It does have a few downsides like a faulted targeting system, but it’s creators @Rampagegames seem to be taking all the feedback the gaming community is giving them…lets just hope they act on it.

I have had an absolute RIOT (no pun intended) playing this game so far, buts it’s chances of truly taking off are going to come down to two things. Will the servers be able to handle the amount of players they are gaining everyday and if so, can they manage to get the ranked system right? Everyone can agree the worst part about LOL is getting stuck in ELOhell which is a real place filled with trolls who do nothing more than waste precious air and server space. If they manage to nail these two things we may be witnessing the next big thing in E-sports!

Come find me on the fields of battle on PSN @WildManWeiler

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