This Draft Strategy Will Win You Your Fantasy League This Season!

With plenty of fantasy football drafts coming up this week, I am going to give you a full proof strategy that will win you your league this year! I won one of my leagues last year using this strategy to draft a monster! I have come in top 4 in this league for 5 straight years using this strategy and now I’m passing it on to all of you.

First Step-WAIT ON A QB! There is plenty of value for QBs later in the draft. Patrick Mahomes had one of the best fantasy seasons ever last year so we chalk his points up as an anomaly that will most likely not be replicated this year. So outside of Mahomes, the number 1 QB in points per week was Matt Ryan with 22. Everyone on this list all the way down to number 16 were within 5 points per week of Matt Ryan. What that means is you can wait to draft your QB until after everyone else in your league and essentially only be losing 5 points per week! 

Now when you move on to RBs the disparity in numbers 1 and 16 on the list is much greater. Gurley averaged 22 points per week last year while number 16 on the list only averaged 11 points per week! That is an 11 point difference which is double the difference between the numbers 1 and 16 QBs. (Now keep in mind most leagues have 2 RB spots so if you wait too long you will be picking from backups or RBBCs for your second RB.) If you waited to draft an RB until after everyone else in the draft, you will be losing up to 11 points per week! That is a crazy number of points to lose because you chose a QB with your first pick! The top RBs are guaranteed volume, meaning they will always get close to or more than 20 touches per game. RBs are the most important part of a fantasy football team! I repeat, RBs are the most important part of a fantasy football team!

Now with WRs, the disparity in points is very similar to that of QBs. They are very close in points per week averages. The main difference here is most leagues have 2 WR slots. Your goal here is to get a number 1 receiver! Depending on where you draft it might be smart to go WR-RB in order to get a great receiver, but only do that if you are sure you will get the value at RB coming back in the next round. 

If you are in the third round of your draft and you have a QB and WR or a TE, but no running back, don’t even bother drafting the rest of your team, just donate your money and chalk it up as a loss! 

In ESPN leagues last year 6 of the 8 most common players on teams in the playoffs were all RBs! The great ones run and catch making it even more enticing to draft one of them in the 1stRound. Good luck in all of your drafts this year, except to the chodes in all my leagues!

If all goes according to plan your first 3 picks should look like RB-RB-WR or RB-WR-RB. Obviously, if you get stuck in the second half of the first round you can also go WR-RB-RB. The common theme here is to get 2 RBs in the first 3 rounds. Don’t get cute and try and get Kelce or Mahomes in the first round. It’s not cute, it’s just fucking stupid!

Comment a picture of your team after your draft and let’s see how everyone did!

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