Quarterback Competition Brewing In NY?

It’s no secret the New York Giants seem to have found an heir to the throne of Eli Manning. After three impressive preseason appearances, Daniel Jones Danny Dimes has silenced critics week after week while leaving speculation of whether or not a competition between him and Manning is brewing. I mean come on, Thursday night against Cincinnati we saw Eli, who usually just lays down and dies anytime a defender comes near him, was throwing downfield blocks for Gallman and even out-ran the play.

And before someone says it, I know, iTs OnLy PrEaSeAsOn, JoNeS hAsNt eVeN PlAyEd aGaInSt DeFeNsIvE sTaRtErS.

This is true, I agree. While preseason is nothing to get excited about, you can’t help but be impressed with Jones especially after all the rumors and speculation that he was going to be a huge bust. And I will be the first to tell you that I was extremely skeptical about this dude initially. Don’t get me wrong, I never hated him, I really just didn’t know enough about him and was not sold on picking him #6 overall when I felt they definitely could have got him at #17. But hey, there’s a lot I don’t know and I’m not a GM and I sure as hell don’t get paid to make those decisions.

Now according to Shurmer, “Nothing has changed” is basically his answer every single time the questions get brought up of whether or not Eli will be the starter in week 1. But he does always leave some subtle hints here and there nothing is set in stone yet on who will start. Does that mean there is actually a competition? I don’t think so, no. While Jones has exceeded expectations with three strong performances, I don’t think there is any reason for him to come out as the starter in week 1. There is nothing wrong with a rookie sitting behind a veteran such as Eli Manning for a year despite fans calling for Jones to start. Let him build on what he has already learned and proven he can do. Besides, the chances of the Giants making it this year are slim. There are still a lot of improvements to be made. The fact is that ownership remains loyal to Manning and the success he has brought to this team in the past and it will have to take something significant to sit him over Jones.

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