6 Poor Schmucks Injured After Lightning Strikes at TOUR Championship!

The last stop on the PGA Tour this season is the TOUR Championship at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. The third round was suspended last night due to rain and lightning and the players were immediately taken off the course. The fans however, had to find their own way off the course, and some fans were not so lucky. 6 poor slobs wound up in the hospital due to lightning strikes at the course.

This is a huge tournament as the winner will be given 15 MILLION DOLLARS! So plenty of fans were out there watching the biggest stars on the PGA Tour chase that fuckin money. Some of these fans were in for the scariest moment of their lives on this day though. I don’t think any of the injuries were too serious as 5 of the fans have already been released from the hospital. Just watch the crazy video below to see how crazy the scene was last night!

h/t CBS News

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