Breaking Down Two of My Fantasy Teams

I had two fantasy drafts this weekend, one yesterday and one today. I had the 11th pick in my 16-team league and the 9th pick in my 12-team league. Shitty picks all the way around no matter how you look at it. I went against my strategy by taking a WR in round one, but I did not want to reach for a RB I could have gotten coming back around which is exactly what I got.

If you haven’t drafted yet, check here for some fantasy sleepers!

12 Team League

This draft did not go the way that I planned, AT FUCKING ALL. It was one of those drafts where I have guys lined up to take and then the dildo one or two spots ahead of me go ahead and grabs him. I fucking hate that! It drives me bananas, but instead of panicking, I feel like I got myself a well rounded team led by a top 2 receiver. I am also extremely high on Jameis this year! I think he is poised for a real big year, plus the Bucs running game is total ass so he is gonna throw the ball a ton. I like Mack too especially with Luck’s retirement because they will use the shit out of him now. I see this team as a definite contender for a CHAMPIONSHIP!!

16 Team League

Now, I really like this team. This is a keeper league, and I gave up a 12th round pick to keep Damien Williams (FUCKING STEAL) and a 10th round pick to keep Josh Gordon (ANOTHER FUCKING STEAL). I then went with Michael Thomas first because I already had an RB and Thomas gets 15-20 targets every single week. Henry finished the season strong and I think he may be the only bright spot on that booty ass offense, and Dante Pettis is looking for a big 2nd year with Jimmy G back. Like I said though, this is a 16 team league and the waiver wire gets really sticky sometimes, but I like the outlook for this team to compete for a CHAMPIONSHIP!

Let me know what you guys think of my teams!

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