Idiot Loses $1K on the Worst Bet of All Time!

will ferrell what an idiot GIF

Some clown bet $1,000 on Andrew Luck to win the NFL MVP this year. As most of you probably know, that aint gonna fuckin happen! In a shocking twist, Luck decided to retire last night meaning this guy just made possibly the worst bet of all time. The odds heading into yesterday were really good actually. +1000 is great for a guy who was second in TD passes last year. I don’t know if the Westgate will refund the money, but Vegas loves robbing people so I really doubt it. Gambling is one of the biggest rushes their is. It is stressful as shit and it may be the cause of a few deaths, but this was an easy loss for this chode. Nothing exhilarating about this loss. Thoughts and prayers for this fucking goon and the $1K he will most likely never see again.

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