Sundays Against Skip Bayless

As many of you know, Skip Bayless is a complete moron! He is one of the worst sports analysts in the game, and sometimes I think he gets paid to just say dumb shit! Almost 90% of the sports world disagrees with everything he says and it’s unbelievable that he is still on TV spouting off his ridiculous bullshit! Anyone who knows me knows my disdain for this man runs very deep and now I have a segment to let him know how dumb he is. This segment will be called Sundays Against Skip!

Skip wrote this tweet at halftime of a Week 3 Preseason game. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! ALL TIME OVERREACTION FROM A COMPLETE FUCKING IDIOT! Skip, buddy, the Cowboys are not even the best team in their own division this year! If Wentz stays healthy, the Eagles will win this division and the Cowboys will be scraping by to make the playoffs!

You must have also forgotten about the 3 NFC teams that are without a doubt better than the Cowboys in the Bears, Rams, and Saints. That does not even include the Packers, Seahawks, and Vikings, all who have a solid chance to be better than the Cowboys this year.

Now for the record, I am not saying that this will not happen, I am saying Skip is a fucking idiot for making this proclamation at halftime of a preseason game. Keep the hot takes coming Skip, and I will be here to put you in a body bag every fucking week!

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