ESPN Predicted the 100 Best NFL Players for 2019-Let’s See How They Did

ESPN always does shit like this to keep them relevant during this time of year, but fuckin idiots like me keep feeding into it by reading their nonsense. We know ESPN will not give the fans the entertainment you guys are looking for which is what I am here for! Let’s dive into these predictions and see what they fucked up.

I have no qualms with Aaron Donald at number 1. Guy is an absolute freak of fucking nature, and will probably go down as a top 3 DL of all time, if not the best DL of all time. No man his size should move the way he does.

My first problem comes at number 2. Pat Mahomes had an insane fucking season last year and there is no denying that fact. Let’s not forget though, that the Chiefs were a perennial playoff team with Alex Smith at the helm as well. The Chicago Bears were not even being considered as a playoff team last year until Khalil Mack made his way over there. Khalil Mack completely transformed that entire team and turned them into a legit Super Bowl contender. Khalil Mack should be number 2!

My next issue comes at number 9. Russell Wilson was listed at number 9 with ole reliable, Drew Brees sitting at 11. Drew Brees is a bad fucking man, and Russell Wilson is an awesome QB, but Brees has done, and will continue to do crazy shit in this league. He is in the conversation for every QB record there is and he has not shown any signs of slowing down. If it weren’t for those chode refs last year, they probably would have been in the Super Bowl. Move Brees up to 9, Wilson down to 10 and slide Michael Thomas to 11.

My last bone to pick with the fucktards that put this list together is Stephon Gilmore, the number 1 rated CB by PFF last year, is 9 SPOTS BELOW JALEN FUCKING RAMSEY. Jalen Ramsey is a real solid CB, but he gets most of his publicity from what he says and not how he plays. Ramsey has a huge fuckin mouth but that did not translate to success last year for him as he got eaten up quite a bit. If he returns to his form from 2 years ago, maybe he could be the top CB, but I don’t see it this year. I see Gilmore being the best CB in football…again!

There may be a few slight changes to be made on the rest of the list, but those are my big gripes. Let me know what you guys think of it!

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