To Zeke or Not to Zeke, Eli vs. Daniel Jones, Will Wentz Stay Healthy, and Who is Playing QB for the Redskins All In Your 2019 NFC East Preview and Predictions

The NFC East may not be the best division in football, but it never fails to entertain. You never know who is going to win this division. No team has won this division in back to back years since the Eagles won it 4 times in a row from 2001-2004. Since then, every team has won this division at least twice with the Cowboys coming back from the dead to take it home last year. There are some storylines here though that could play a huge role in determining this division this year. The biggest one, obviously, is whether or not Zeke will suit up for Dallas. I place less value on RBs, but Zeke is a few steps above his backups and to compete for the division, I really believe that they need him. Another one is whether or not Eli remains the starter for the entire season. If he is playing poorly may the Giants turn to Daniel Jones to try and play spoiler down the stretch? I guess we will find out here soon enough!

Philadelphia Eagles 11-5

Dallas Cowboys 8-8

New York Giants 5-11

Washington Redskins 4-12

The Eagles season now fully depends on Carson Wentz staying healthy. Big Dick Nick is not here to save the day if Wentz goes down with an injury again. They made some decent size splashes in the offseason. They swindled the fuckin Bears for Jordan Howard, who is a really solid RB I don’t give a fuck what you say. They drafted a stud in Miles Sanders and they brought back their old friend, Desean Jackson to give Wentz a legit vertical threat. The defense is probably going to be great! They picked up Malik Jackson to replace Michael Bennet and bring back all the old cast and crew from last year with the exception of Chris Long who retired so he can smoke some of that sheesh. Look for the Eagles to go toe to toe with the big boys in the NFC this year.

Now onto “America’s Team”. This team is kind of in disarray right now. They have 3 offensive stars all looking to get paid, so who did they pay first? You guessed it, Jaylon Smith. Jaylon Smith is a phenomenal linebacker (and a Notre Dame boy too!) but Smith is not as important to the Cowboys D as any of those three stars are to their offense. You may have forgotten, but the Cowboys were left for dead until they traded for Amari Cooper. Giving Dak Prescott a number 1 receiver opened things up for everyone, including Zeke. I just don’t see this team competing for a division title this year with so much still up in the air, and the possibility of Zeke holding out into the regular season. 

Eli Manning vs. Daniel Jones has been the main storyline throughout the entirety of Giants training camp. If a QB controversy is the number on story coming from your camp, you probably are not going to win many games that year. I don’t know how much Eli has left in the tank, and Giants fans are pushing for Jones, but there is something to be said for a QB sitting a season or two behind a vet. Rushing a rookie QB could completely derail any kind of development they are looking for in that rookie. Either way, whoever starts, they will not win many games this year. Having Saquon on your fantasy team will be the only reason to watch this team.

The Redskins are a mess right now, but not for much longer. Dwayne Haskins fell right into their lap at 15 this year, and he is going to be a very solid QB if not a star in this league. Derrius Guice will be back this year and look to have a big season as well. Washington fans only need to endure 1 or 2 seasons of Case Keenum and Colt McCoy before Haskins gets this train moving in the right direction. 

NFC North Tomorrow!

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