All the Fallout From Andrew Luck’s Retirment

In maybe the most surprising football news of all time, Andrew Luck suddenly retired at the ripe ole age of 29. There were a million different reactions but the most shocking reaction came from within Lucas Oil Stadium as the news made its way through the crowd. The fans booed him. They fucking booed him out of the stadium! I couldn’t believe it! This man, who just won comeback player of the year, is choosing his own health over the happiness of the fans, and they booed the absolute shit out of him. That is fucking AWFUL! Indianapolis fans can all eat a dick! As a fan of the NFL I dont think there hs ever been a more likable guy than Andrew Luck. The guy is funny, humble, and knows how to play football! He even compliments his opponents in the middle of a fucking game! That is how good of a guy he is, and he gets treated with boos by those chode fans in Indy! Fuck you Indianapolis. I hope Indy sports are cursed for the rest of fucking eternity.

Now it was reported that Luck wanted to wait to tell the team until after the game in the locker room, but ole 5 foot nothing Adam Schefter made sure that didn’t happen. Schefty reported this in the middle of the 3rd quarter to make sure it wouldn’t happen on Luck’s time. I hope your happy Schefty! The football Gods have already cursed you as you are going to look like a fuckin leprechaun the rest of your life.

The hottest and most controversial take though came from way out in left field! Doug Gottlieb came from out of no where with this tweet.

WHAT A FUCKING DILDO YOU ARE GOTTLIEB! Luck does not owe anyone anything! He has repeatedly gotten injured, rehabbed and came back. Enough was enough for this man and he has every right to retire whenever the fuck he wants! Rehabbing was not too hard for Luck, it was the fact that this game was no longer fun for him and he didn’t wanna do it anymore. Plain and simple, and as fans we have to accept that and respect what this man has done for the NFL over the last 6 years. Enjoy retirement Andrew! You deserve it!

Gottlieb has his coming anyway. If you look at his replies and mentions on twitter, I would say about half the sports world is ready to throw hands with this assclown!

Now the Colts turn to Jacoby Brissett who is a very capable QB and hopes to keep the Colts competitive. The Colts were a hot pick to win the division this year and Brissett hopes to still be able to lead them there.

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