Carli LLoyd Turned Down a Chance to Kick in An NFL Game!

A video has been making it’s rounds on the internet of Carli Lloyd drilling a 55 yard field goal during an NFL practice with the Eagles. She made it with a few yards to spare. Now we all know that kicking without pads and without a rush is completely different than doing it during game action, but still, there are NFL kickers who miss these practice field goals.

Well it turns out, she impressed some teams so much, that they offered to have her kick this Thursday during Week 4 of the NFL preseason. Unfortunately, she had to turn it down due to a conict with the USWNT. What a fucking sight that would have been, especially if she had made on or two during the game. I see no reason why she shouldn’t get a look if she is making 55 yarders her bitch! Hopefully this is not the last we hear from a woman soccer player getting a chance to kick for an NFL team because I for one would love to see it happen!

Keep your eyes out NFL because we want a USWNT player kicking in the NFL sooner rather than later!

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