Kansas City Royals On the Brink of Being Sold

The current owner of the Kansas City Royals, David Glass, purchased the team back in 2000 for $96 million. He is on the verge of selling the team for more than $1 billion. That’s right, 1 BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS! A group led by John Sherman, current minirity owner of the Indians, is currently in negotiations with Glass to purchase the team.

This mother fucker David Glass is about to make bank! He paid less than 10 percent for what he is about to receive for this team! If you have the money just laying around, there may not be a better investment in the world that a sports franchise! It seems like the value of all sports franchise has increased at least 10 fold over the last 20-25 years. It’s crazy how much profit these teams bring in, even a smaller market team like the Royals!

Glass had a successful run as the owner reaching 2 World Series and winning 1 of them. The team is currently in rebuild mode and maybe a change of ownership will help them turn the corner.

Now if only the Mets would follow suit and that sniveling fucking rat, Fres Wilpon would sell the Mets! He is a fucking cancer that needs to the team to get them out of this funk they’ve been in ever since this family has been involved.

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