The Player’s Weekend Jerseys Sucked, the Cards Are the Hottest Team in Baseball & the Rest of Your Weekly MLB Recap

The jerseys that the players wore this weekend may have been the worst uniforms ever donned by any team in the history of sports! MLB wants to market their league and their stars better but this is not the way to fucking go! How could nobody have seen that these jerseys are the fucking ugliest things that will have ever been worn by any MLB team. There is a thousand people that work for Major League Baseball, and not one of you idiots had the balls to tell Manfred that these unis just wouldn’t fucking cut it?! WHAT THE FUCK!? The nicknames on the jerseys were a good idea, EXCEPT ON THE WHITE ONES I COULDN’T FUCKING SEE ANY OF THEM! THEY WERE THE SAME COLOR AS THE FUCKING JERSEY! I watched 2 of the Mets games this weekend and I have no fucking idea who had what nickname. NO FUCKING CLUE! What a goddamn disaster this was. Maybe put the unis out to the fans for a vote next time before you just put this shit out on the field. I am apparently not the only one who has this opinion either!

Now we can get into some of the actual games. Funny I mentioned the Mets because they got fucking swept in a fashion that only the Mets can get swept in. At some point in almost every game after the 6thinning, the Mets had a legit chance to win the game, only to go on to win 0 of them. Thank god the Cubs got swept and the Phils lost 2 of 3 otherwise the season would be over. But Pete “The Polar Bear” Alonso did become the Mets regular season home run king last night jacking his 42ndof the year on August 27th! He set the Mets single season HR record on August 27th! That is how you know either one of two things is true. The Mets are a pathetic fuckin franchise who never had anyone hit more than 41 homers in a season, or the balls are definitely fuckin juiced. I’m gonna have to go with the former as the Mets are a pathetic franchise. 

Home Run Sport GIF by New York Mets

The biggest series of the weekend had to be the Yankees vs. the Dodgers in LA. The one problem with this series? THE FUCKING UNIFORMS! These two teams have timeless, classic uniforms, and MLB ruined them by making the teams wear the most garbage uniforms of all time! The Yankees convincingly took 2 of 3 from the Dodgers in this series, surrendering only 4 runs in the 3 games. The starting pitching came up big in a series against the best National League team. If they keep it up, they may make me eat my words about not winning the whole shebang.

Now onto probably the hottest team in baseball, the Cardinals. They embarrassed the shit out of the Rockies over the weekend by just annihilating them in a 4 game sweep. Then they head to Milwaukee where they trounce the Brewers in the first two games there. The Cardinals offense is clicking on all cylinders! Everyone is fuckin hitting and right now they look like just as good a bet to come out of the NL as the Dodgers do.

 Finally we will finish off with the home run race, which should be a fuckin Doozy! Mike Trout currently has the lead after he hit his 43rdof the year last night. Alonso and Bellinger sit right behind him at 42 and Yelich is still hanging around at 41. Trout is the best player in baseball and is the least likely of the 4 to have a huge slump down the stretch. Yelich and Bellinger both hit for average so if they do it a slump they will try to break out of it with singles and doubles, rather than smacking homers. Alonso, even when he is in a big slump hits the absolute shit out of the ball. I mean he hits fuckin MOONSHOTS! But gimme Trout here. I think Trout, Bellinger, and Alonso all end up with over 50 but Trout will take the crown with 55. 

home run GIF

Check back next week as races really start to heat up and contenders start to separate themselves from the pretenders!

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