Why Carli Lloyd Kicking in an NFL Preseason Game Could Change Everything

I wrote earlier today that Carli Lloyd was offered an opportunity to kick for an NFL team this Thursday night in Week 4 of the NFL Preseason. She ultimately turned this opportunity down due to a conflict with the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT). I think that her turning this chance down is a huge mistake! Carli Lloyd had an opportunity to open a door for not only herself, but for every other woman that has ever dreamed of competing in the NFL.

The video of her nailing a 55 yard field goal during an Eagles practice lets us know that this was not a joke. Carli can kick the shit out of the ball. So why not give her a chance. Half of the schmucks for kickers in the NFL miss 15-20% of their kicks anyway. It is a meaningless preseason game for a team, but a huge opportunity for Lloyd to let it be known that she was serious about making a run at a stint in the NFL.

Now, I understand that kicking with pads on and with defenders rushing at you is completely different than kicking like she did. However, there are plenty of kickers out there right now who would have shanked the kick that she made. If she does accept this offer to play on Thursday night and she hits 2-3 field goals of 40+ yards, NFL teams are on the hot seat. Not only does it change the outlook for woman playing in the NFL, but it opens up an entirely new revenue stream for the NFL. Women who may not give a shit about football, are now invested in the success of Carli Lloyd. Women who have never watched a game, or even worn an NFL T-shirt, will be doing both of those things all because of Carli Lloyd. If you’re the NFL you have an entirely new fan base now, all because someone gave a very deserving woman, a shot at a roster spot.

Women have been campaigning for years now to have the same advantages that males have, and this was a clear opportunity to give a women a chance to compete with the men. Carli has been a huge part of the success that the USWNT has had over the last decade and she could have revolutionized the sport of football if she would have taken this offer.

Hypothetically speaking, if Lloyd jumps on this chance and succeeds, she may eventually get a tryout to kick in the regular season for a team. If she nails that tryout an NFL team will sign her. If an NFL team signs her, she will sign a contract on par with that of most of the kickers in the NFL. If she has two really good years kicking in the NFL, she will be making more than some NFL kickers. This would put a women, in a man’s sport, earning more money than some men doing the same job that she is doing. What a fucking story that would make for! I can imagine it now, ‘Carli Lloyd signs 2 year $6 million dollar deal with the Eagles.’ The country would go fucking bananas! So why the fuck not Carli?!

Now it is not just a pipe dream. If Carli were to take this team up on their offer, I see it as a legit chance to be considered for an NFL roster. Her size is irrelevant because Cairo Santos, a successful NFL kicker, was only 5 feet 8 inches tall. Carli Lloyd is 5 feet 7 inches tall and from what I have seen she is every bit as tough, if not more tough, than some of these NFL kickers. NFL kickers offer no value to their team other than to kick. The arguments that she can’t tackle, or block or do any of that goes out the window because no kicker is paid to tackle or block. They just happen to do so if needed, and some of them don’t. Some of them stay as far away from all contact as possible.

If it were to ever happen, I would wager that her jersey would be the highest selling jersey ever for a kicker, and it would probably only take a couple hours to reach that peak. She may even compete for the highest selling jersey in the entire NFL in her first season. Her signing with an NFL team may be the most impactful signing the NFL has ever seen.

New doors are opened up for all other women with a passion for playing football, new doors are opened for NFL sponsorships that could not be attained before, and new doors are opened for women to be invested in the sport of football. Carli Lloyd has an opportunity to not only completely change the sport of football, but to also change the landscape of the entire country. She would be the biggest inspiration to women everywhere.

Carli Lloyd, please make this happen! Please give us a chance to see what you can do in a live game. Please make the NFL make a tough decision which will ultimately lead to you being signed. Please give us what we all want. YOU ON AN NFL ROSTER!

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