Join Unfiltered Sports FREE NFL Survivor Pool for a Chance to Win Some Prizes!

I consider myself a generous person. That is why I have created an NFL Survivor Pool for all the followers of Unfiltered Sports. Everyone who joins will be eligible to win some prizes at the end of the season! Click here to join Unfiltered Sports Survivor Pool!

Now for those of you who do not know what a Survivor Pool is, let me explain. Every week, you must choose 1 team to win their game. It’s as simple as that. The only thing is, once you choose a team you cannot pick them again for the rest of the season, regardless of whether or not you get it right.

An example would be if I chose the Jets to beat the Bills in Week 1. I cannot choose the Jets for the rest of the season. Not that I would ever want to choose the fucking jets as it is, but it is just an example. The longest streak at the end of the season will win the pool. So if you get one wrong, do not stop playing because if everyone else gets one wrong you are still in the race. So make sure you make a pick every single week! You wanna know what you can win?! Of course you do!

The winner at the end of the season will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card, a free T-shirt of your choosing and a car sticker in the color of your choosing.

Good luck everyone!

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