The Unfiltered Sports Team’s Super Bowl 54 Picks

So many teams have Super Bowl aspirations every single year. Think of how many teams this year believe they have a legitimate chance at winning the big game. You have the Pats and Rams (last year’s matchup), the Chiefs, Saints, the Bears, the Eagles. All these teams, and probably a few more, believe they have a real shot at winning the Super Bowl. Obviously 31 teams are going to be real fuckin disappointed at the end of the season. “Moral” victories are the dumbest fuckin thing in sports. As a Jet fan I do not want to wait until next year, so if they finish 8-8 as I predicted, I will be real fuckin upset. Every player is disappointed when their season ends in defeat. The Cardinals will not be happy by upping their win total to 5 this year. They will all be pissed off that they fuckin sucked and couldn’t win more games. That’s just how it is. It is easy to find solace in improvement, but winning now is what keeps the fans and players invested. Winning a Super Bowl is the goal every year, regardless of what people think about each team. Now that I am off my soap box, let’s get onto the good stuff.

I have done predictions for the all the divisions in the NFL and it is time to get out the Super Bowl picks from your Unfiltered Sports team. Without further ado:

Everyone be sure to let us know who you think is taking it home this year!

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