Tulsa Turns in Completely Pathetic Performance in Season Opener

Tulsa went into their season opener with the hopes of pulling an upset against 18th ranked Michigan St. This game did not go according to their plan! What a fucking pathetic performance by Tulsa. I don’t give a fuck if you’re playing Michigan St. or a goddamn high school team, Tulsa’s football program should probably fuckin fold after what they did last night!

Their leading rusher was RB Shamari Brooks who had a real solid 6 carries for 0 yards. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! TULSA’S LEADING RUSHER HAD 0 FUCKING YARDS! As a team Tulsa rushed for -73 yards! You have to try to be that fucking bad in order to have one of the worst rushing performances in the long history of college football.

Tulsa is not an FCS or Division 2 team here, they are a division 1 team that ran for -73 yards in a real fucking football game! I cannot wrap my hear around the fact that some of the kids on this team are going to school for free! How can you justify giving a scholarship to a bunch of fucking chodes that cannot gain 1 yard! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!

I guess we can give a little bit of credit to MSU’s defense which was obviously prepared to buttfuck the shit out of this Tulsa team. Be fuckin better Tulsa! This was fucking pathetic!

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