Head Honcho’s 2019 NFL Award Predictions!

The NFL MVP is pretty much a QB award now. No RB has won the award since Adrian Peterson won it in 2012, and even that year it took a historically great season from AD to win the award. Every year since then, QBs are the only position even in the discussion. A lot of people don’t like this, but I am ok with it. When a team is constantly winning, the QB gets a lot of praise, whether it is warranted or not. When a team is consistently losing, the QB gets most of the blame, whether warranted or not. In this league you live and die by the QB. Don’t expect anything to change this year!

Coach of the Year

Usually this award goes to a coach who led his team from the basement of the league to the playoffs. Like last year, Matt Nagy won the award, even though Khalil Mack had more to do with the Bears success than Matt Nagy. Sean McCoy, Andy Reid, and a few other had cases to win the award but it ultimately went to Nagy. I am going with a similar situation here. I predicted Jacksonville to go from the bottom of the division to the playoffs, so it’s only fitting that their coach gets the recognition.

Pick: Doug Marrone, Jacksonville Jaguars

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Defensive rookies are coming into this league now and acting and playing like vets. Last year you had Darius Leonard from Indy and Derwin James from LAC. Both of these guys stepped up in huge ways and led solid defenses all season long. I see Quinnen Williams having the same impact on the Jets. He will not need to lead as much as the other 2, but I expect him to be a huge part of this defense. He has been referred to as a 300 lb bar of soap, which should be scary for opposing O-lineman.

Pick: Quinnen Williams, New York Jets

Offensive Rookie of the Year

This year seems especially tough to pick this one as we have no clue what the status of the QBs are except for Kyler Murray. I honestly think Daniel Jones could win it, but he will not be given the chance to by the Giants. I actually like a RB to take this award again this year. Josh Jacobs is going to be the feature back in a solid offense. He will have plenty of chances to run away with this award.

Pick: Josh Jacobs, Oakland Raiders

Image result for josh jacobs alabama gif

Defensive Player of the Year

Aaron. Fucking. Donald.

Pick: Aaron Donald, LA Rams

Comeback Player of the Year

I am a big believer in the Jaguars this year. In order for my beliefs to become a reality, Leonard Fournette needs to step up and do what we all know he is fucking capable of doing. Stop being a bitch and step the fuck up!

Pick: Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville Jaguars

Most Valuable Player

This award is tricky because the name of the award very clearly states, most VALUABLE player, not most OUTSTANDING player. Just because someone is the best player does not mean they were the most valuable to their team. Last year, it was both. Mahomes was the most outstanding and most valuable player in football. This year Mahomes is going to be awesome again, but another QB will be more valuable to his team and will keep pace with him this season. Carson Wentz! He is healthy and ready to roll these Eagles to a fuckin division title.

Pick: Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

Let me know who you think will win these awards!

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