Grossman’s Gambling Guide-CFB Week 1 Recap

What a Saturday it was! College games starting at noon and continuing non-stop until midnight. It was wonderful! Results for the most part were as expected with only 1 ranked team losing, and that was to another ranked team.

There was one extremely embarrassing upset though as Georgia St. emasculated Tennessee in Knoxville. Tennessee paid Georgia St. a sum of $950K to come into Knoxville to give the Vols a tuneup game. PSYCHE! Georgia St. came in and whooped the Vols ass leaving them with more questions than answers. Enough of that though, the only reason you guys are here is to see how we did gambling wise yesterday. Let’s go!


ATS 4-1

O/U 2-1


ATS 8-2

O/U 5-1

Boise State vs. Florida State (Pick: BSU +6.5)

This one did not look so great in the first half. BSU could not get anything going on offense and they could not stop FSU on defense. FSU scored 3 touchdowns of longer than 35 yards and it looked like it was going to be a blowout. The BSU started running the ball in the second half and the game changed! They scored 17 points in the second half while shutting out FSU’s offense. Not only did they cover the 6.5 points but they won the game too!

Memphis vs. Ole Miss (Pick: Memphis -4.5)

These teams came into this game with the hopes of running up and down the field as both were top 10 in the FBS in YPG last year. That was not the case as a safety with less than 5 minutes left was what covered this spread for me. Ole Miss was pushed back on their 2 yard line, Memphis came with a delayed blitz and the QB was fucked. Memphis wins 15-10.

Northwestern at Stanford (Pick: NW +6)- BAD BEAT OF THE WEEK

This game went exactly as expected. It was a slugfest as both teams struggled to score. It was 0-0 until like 12 minutes into the 2nd quarter. Stanford scored a TD right before half and kicked a FG to go up 10-0. NW answered in the 4th to make it 10-7. The NW had the ball with 30 seconds left and a chance to drive down the field to tie it or win it. QB Hunter Johnson drops back and is fuckin sacked, he fumbles the ball, two NW O-Lineman miss diving on it and Stanford recovers in the End Zone for the TD. Final Score 17-7. Fuck those fat bitches who couldn’t recover that fumble!

VT @ BC (Pick: BC +4.5)

This game really was not close. BC won big and obviously covered!

UVA @ Pitt (Pick: UVA -2.5)

This one looked a little dicey at first too. UVA was down 1 at halftime, but they went on to dominate the second half en route to a huge win!


Oregon vs. Auburn (Pick: Over 55.5)

Offense did not rule like I though it would in this one. Oregon looked dead after the half and only put up 21 while Auburn scored exactly what they needed to win the game, but not cover this Over.

Navy vs. Holy Cross (Pick: Under 53.5)

As expected Navy ran the shit out of the ball rushing for over 400 yards and domating the entire game. The under barely hit here, but it hit and thats all that matters!

USC vs. Fresno St. (Pick: Over 52.5)

This one looked golden as USC put up 31 in 3 quarters, but it wound up Fresno being the team to save this one for me. They scored 10 in the 4th while USC got shutout. I don’t give a fuck who scored the points, all I care is that it got over 52.5.

The bottom line is this! If you ride with me, you will win money! I have never had a college season where I was down, and really the only time I was down was after a certain Super Bowl we won’t speak of. Tune back in on Thursday for an NFL special!

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