Sundays Against Skip-This Guy is an IDIOT!

What can you say about Skip Bayless? He is a moron. He is an idiot. He has no fuckin clue what he is talking about 90% of the time. I this week’s Sunday against Skip I am calling him out over this:

Brady and Belichick have won 6, count’em 6, fucking Super Bowls together Skip! Brady was not the superstar he is now back in 01, 03, and 04. Belichick led those teams to 3 Super Bowls in 4 years with Brady leading an average offense. What won those Super Bowls for the Patriots was their defense and their schemes. Brady is a superstar now but they did not beat the Rams last year because of Brady. They beat the Rams because Belichick put a scheme together to hold one of the highest scoring offenses in football to 3 fucking points!

There is no doubt really in anyone’s mind who the greatest mind in football is. It’s Bill Belichick! This guy gets players that no other team wants and he gets the fuckin best out of them! Wes Welker was a nobody until he came to the Patriots. Belichick figured out how Welker can be successful and used him that way. The Patriots pretty much invented the 2 TE set with Gronk and Aaron Hernandez. Now it’s one of the more popular sets across all of football. You love making waves with hot takes, but this is just a fucking stupid one. Brady and Belichick do not need each other to win Super Bowls, but they have won 6 together so why the fuck would they do anything different?!

Belichick does not give a fuck what anyone thinks about him! He has 6 fucking rings!

He probably played Stidham the whole game because he knew Hoyer was going to get cut!

You are making this way to easy for me Skip. Keep coming with these stupid fuckin takes and I will be here every week to tell you that you are a fuckin idiot! Until next week Skip.

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