Paul Finebaum is a Crusty Asshole-Says Notre Dame Should Never be Allowed in CFB Playoff Again

Paul Finebaum with a real hot take here. Saying a team that lost to Clemson should never be allowed in the CFB Playoff ever again is real fucking bold. Especially considering that Paul’s favorite team, Alabama went and got buttfucked by the same Clemson team a week later. So here it is Paul, YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT!

I went over this last week, but Notre Dame played with Clemson for a quarter and a half while all of their players were on the field. It wasn’t until ND’s defensive stars got hurt that Clemson finally put some points up. Notre Dame beat a team that was on the verge of the playoff last year too in Michigan. They will have 2 more chances this year to prove themselves against CFB Playoff worthy teams, but I have a feeling it still will not be enough for Paul Finebaum’s crusty ass. Check out Paul’s dumbass claim here.

We all know Paul loves the SEC. We know that he gives Saban rimjobs before every game for good luck. He has even shown some love for Clemson and has probably cranked on Dabo a little bit too. He is a complete moron with no basis for his fucking claims.

I fucking hate this shit. All these idiots get paid so much fucking money and all they do is say dumb shit! I will never understand how there are so few reliable analysts in the game. This is their fucking profession! These guys get jobs because they have degrees in whatever they need but have no knowledge of sports at all. It’s not just Finebaum, it’s half of fucking ESPN! These guys are all stupid as fuck with the exception of a handful of them.

Fuck you Paul Finebaum, go eat a dick! I will be the first person waiting for you if Notre Dame runs the table and gets back into the playoff!

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