The Season Is Officially Over!

Poor fucking Jacob deGrom. He pitches good, not his best, but good enough to finally get a win, and then the fucking bullpen happened. The Mets entered the bottom of the 9th inning tonight with a 10-4 lead. DeGrom went 7 strong innings and the Seth “the Quarterrican” Lugo came in with a perfect 8th before the Mets went for 5 in the top of the 9th. Enter the rest of the bullpen. Pat Sewald, Luis Avilan, and Edwin “Chernobyl” Diaz combined to get one out and give up 7 fucking runs! OF EVERYONE IN THAT BULLPEN, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU BRING IN EDWIN FUCKING DIAZ IN THAT SITUATION?!?!?!? The guy has been arguably the worst pitcher in all of baseball this year and you bring him in to get two outs with the tying run on 2nd in the bottom of the ninth? WHY?!?!? You know what, it doesn’t fucking matter! This team will never win anything as long as the Wilpons are hiring agents to be the GM and then that GM is hiring fucking assholes to be the manager. It’s just never gonna happen and I need to get that through my thick skull!

What a fucking joke! There is no coming back from a demoralizing loss like that. SEASON OVER.

sad new york mets GIF

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