2 Legends Chuck up the Deuces to Tennessee After Embarrassing Upset

As most of you know Tennessee was upset this past weekend by Georgia St. What made it even worse for the Vols was that they paid $ 950K to have Georgia St. travel to Knoxville for this game. Obviously the Vols thought this game would go differently, but yet here we are.

Now two members of the program have chucked up the deuces and bounced. WR Jordan Murphy and DB Terrell Bailey both said fuck this shit I’m out! They couldn’t be associated with a school that got embarrassed like that and they fucked off.

The funny thing about these two is that neither of them played Saturday. They both just watched! They were so embarrassed by the loss that rather than getting on the field and helping their team this week, they just fucking left. This is a laugh out loud funny story! These two guys are fucking legends and I hope to see them with another school soon!

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