Ezekiel Elliot is Officially with the Cowboys Again!

Ezekiel Elliot has been holding out from Cowboys camp for the entire preseason because he wanted to get fucking paid! Well boy did he ever get paid! Zeke got paid to the tune of a 6 year extension worth over 90 million dollars! There is $50 million guaranteed and that makes him by far the highest paid RB in football!

Zeke has not practiced or played all offseason because he wanted to be paid as the top RB in football. He has led the league in Rush Yards per Game in his first 3 years in the league and he led the league in touches last year. Is he worth it? We will sure as shit find out. All I know is Ezekiel Elliot is a very rich fucking man, and I cannot believe Jerry Jones caved! I think it is a terrible deal, but Zeke may make me look real fuckin stupid if he sets all kinds of records.

90! MILLION! FUCKING! DOLLARS! Goddamn insane!

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