Is Adam Schefter Hinting at a Gronk Comeback?

When Rob Gronkowski retired a few months ago, it was a real surprise to everyone! A young player like Gronk leaving the game in his prime is always a fuckin shock. Of course the rumors followed that he would be back later in the season to perserve his body yada yada yada.

After the first couple months it looked like Gronk lost a shit ton of weight and seemed to put those rumors to bed. Then the season got closer and the rumors came back to life. All I fucking know is I am happy he is gone! One less weapon for the Jets to worry about! Gronk came out himself though and slammed the door shut in his return rumors. He went on a TV show to talk about how much pain he was in after the Super Bowl. He talked about how he couldn’t sleep because of the pain and how the game didn’t make him happy anymore.

But then this tweet from Schefty surfaced last night and my stomach dropped…

Teddy Bruschi was a Patriot for a long time as some you may know, and I wonder if he knows something we don’t. He has to have some insider knowledge of the possibilty of Gronk returning. I’m sure he is real close with some of Pats to include Brady and Belichick. Of all the people to take him, it really makes you wonder…

2 thoughts on “Is Adam Schefter Hinting at a Gronk Comeback?

    1. I don’t know man. I really think he may come back at some point during the season, maybe between weeks 7-10. I feel like the game are going to start and he will be on the sideline at some of them and he’s just going to get that urge to play again.


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