Grossman’s Gambling Guide Recap-What A Shitshow!

The 100th NFL season got underway last night and boy was it fucking ugly! Mitchell Trubisky looked like a rookie who should never have been drafted, Matt Nagy looked like the guy making his coaching debut, not Matt Lafleur, and both offenses just looked like straight fuckin ass!

For starters Trubisky looked god fucking awful, but he should have never been put in a position to look that bad. The Bears have been hyping up this backfield they have, especially 3rd round rookie David Montgomery. Well all of that went to shit as Montgomery only got 6 carries, and Tarik Cohen didn’t get a single fucking carry! Chicago only ran the ball 15 times. 15 FUCKING TIMES! Trubisky threw 45 fucking passes last night! The Bears are going to lose a lot of games this year if they continue with this offensive plan. This team is not built to win shootouts! They do not have enough weapons on the outside and they do not have a good enough QB. This team is built to run the ball, dominate possession, and let the defense really dominate the game. Well the defense did their part last night but the offense was FUCKING AWFUL! 3 points at home in the season opener might be the most pathetic offensive performance we have ever seen!

Now that I got that out, let’s talk about my picks last night.


ATS 0-1

O/U 1-0

NFL Overall

ATS 0-1

O/U 1-0

Honestly, the Bears never looked like they were going to cover the fucking 3 points they laid. If anything we might have hoped for a push, but NO! The offense was too fucking incompetent to score 1 fucking touchdown. What was a goddamn guarantee though was that under hitting. From the first snap, you pretty much knew these teams probably wouldn’t even reach 40 fucking points. Well it turned out that they did not even hit 15 fucking points! The under was a guarantee, and if Trubisky keeps throwing the ball 40 times a game, the Bears will be a lock for the under ALL SEASON LONG!

Now that we have that shitshow out of the way, I will be back tonight with my picks for tomorrow’s CFB games. Then tomorrow I will have my gambling picks for Sunday’s NFL games, as well as your perfect Daily Fantasy lineup!

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