Brown the Clown Released by the Raiders!

Antonio Brown has officially been released by the Oakland Raiders. What a fucking story this has been and it has all conspired over 3 days! This is one of the craziest offseason stories I have ever fucking seen. I don’t even know what to make of it!

Antonio Brown has tried to make himself bigger than football and in some ways he succeeded. Nobody is talking about the huge slate of games tomorrow! Everybody is only talking about him. That is exactly how he likes it! The Clown loves all the attention and he is currently fucking salivating at the fact that we are all over every second of his life right now. It is a complete fucking joke. This guy is a complete fucking chode and who the fuck knows what happens from here.

I am sure that some team out there will think they can control this circus act, but the fact of the matter is no one can! AB is gonna fucking AB no matter where the fuck he is at. He is going to act like a fucking idiot, he is going to make it all about himself because winning really does not matter to this man! He has said he has nothing left to prove, but he hasn’t won shit! This man has not done dick to win anything!

San Francisco comes to mind as a team with playoff hopes that needs a WR, but I don’t know if John Lynch is ready to bring that bullshit upon himself and that franchise. Wherever the fuck he goes, be prepared for more of this bullshit!

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