Grossman’s Gambling Guide-NFL Week 1! Get the Attention Off the Clown and on the Games!

Sunday football is fucking back! With that comes some really tough lines to pick from, especially in Week 1. You never know what each team is going to look like, no matter who’s on the roster, until you see it on the field you just never fucking know.

I got off to a rough start on Thursday night really missing on Trubisky and the Bears offense, but the offense was so bad it made my under pick a fucking lock! With all of the NFL news on the Clown right now, let’s shift the attention back to the fucking games please!

LA Rams -2 @ Carolina Panthers

The Rams won the NFC last year and the Panthers missed the playoffs. We still don’t know if Cam Newton is fully healthy and even if he is, Aaron Donald is going to be up his ass all fucking day. Jared Goff just got paid and now has all of his weapons and they ready to defend their NFC title. Cooks, Woods, and Kupp are all going to be a problem for the Panthers secondary. It also seems as if Todd Gurley is 100% and we all know what he is capable of at full health.

Rams -2

Pittsburgh Steelers @ NE Patriots -6

Probably the biggest game of week, the Steelers travel to Foxborough for their first game without AB. People are really kicking the Steelers to the fucking curb, but they still have Tomlin, they still have Big Ben, and James Conner. I don’t know they will win, but I really see this being a close game throughout. Juju is ready to become a star in this league and he will have a tough test in Pats star CB Stephon Gilmore, but I think he is up to the test.

Steelers +6

Houston Texans @ NO Saints -7

This is a huge Monday night game for both teams. The Texans are looking to assert themselves as the top dog in the AFC South and the Saints are out for fucking revenge from that missed PI call last year. They are wanting to take it out on anyone and anything that gets in their way. I do believe the Saints will win, but I do not think it will be a blowout. Deshaun Watson is going to take a huge step forward this year and right now all of his weapons are healthy. Brees will probably take over and will lead the Saints to the win but the Texans will keep it close. Also this game probably has the best WR-CB matchup of the weekend with Marshon Lattimore going up against Deandre Hopkins. MUST WATCH TV!

Texans +7

Indianapolis Colts @ LA Chargers O/U 45

Phillip Rivers has his full compliment of outside weapons back and Austin Ekeler is a very capable fill in for Melvin Gordon. People are sleeping on Jacoby Brissett too! He is a solid QB and they have some talent on offense in Hilton and Mack. This is going to be a back and forth game with the Chargers pulling away in the 4th but both teams are going to score points. FUCKIN HAMMER IT!

OVER 45!

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