Julio Jones is About to be the Highest Paid WR in the NFL!

I have been saying for years that Julio Jones is the best WR in the NFL! The catches he makes are insane and he is so consistent! He also isn’t a fucking idiot like some of the other WRs in this league. He has never been in the media for negative reasons, he just goes out and makes CBs his bitch!

Julio is a freak of fucking nature and deserves to be the highest paid WR in football. I think he is going to have a ridiculous fucking season, and he thinks he’s going for 3000 yards. I dont know about all that, but he is set up for a monster fucking season and he will finally have a paycheck to compensate him for it!

His extension will be worth $66 millions over 3 years averaging $22 mil a year! That is fucking insane! The video below is proof that he deserves that shit!

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