On This Date in Sports History…ESPN is Born

On September 7th 1979 ESPN debuted on cable television. ESPN was founded by Bill Rasmussen, his son Scott, and an insurance agent named Ed Eagan.

We all know what is ESPN is. We all also know that it has definitely lost some of its juice. Sportscenter used to be must watch television with the likes of Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen and Kenny Mayne. It used to be everyone’s favorite sport show.

Now in 2019, they have 1 consistent anchor worth a shit. Scott Van Pelt. He has saved the network from being a complete fuckin circus. They talk more about politics now than sports. It’s fucking ridiculous that I can turn on Sportscenter and I have to worry that they are not going to talk about sports. They take the most ridiculous stories and drag them out over days and days even though no one wants to fucking hear about it anymore. They hire guys who do not know shit about sports because they are “entertaining”. Fuck that, I don’t watch ESPN to be entertained, I watch it to see what is happening in the sports world. Now it’s just dumb thoughts coming from fucking morons who do not know a goddamn thing about sports.

The idea of ESPN was great. A cable channel that was just all sports all the time. Now it has turned into a fuckin shitshow of politics and stupidity which defeats the whole fucking purpose of the channel.

Aside from that, ESPN does have it’s moments so let’s take a look at Bob Ley remembering the first ever episode of Sportscenter!

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