Razorbacks Suck..but new QB shows hope!

The Razorbacks lost pretty handily to a very crappy Ole Miss team 31-17. Arkansas QB Ben Hicks had started the first two games of the season putting up abysmal stats.. but he may have just been demoted after Nick Starkel provided a tiny spark off the bench throwing for over 200 yards and a TD in just the second half. The second half yard total and 2 drives in a week one victory for Starkel (249 yds) are more than Ben Hicks (241 yds) thru a game and a half. If Arkansas head Coach Morris does not name Starkel the starter on Monday then I fear he will lose the fan base and may not make it past this season. He won only 2 games last year playing QB musical chairs and all the message board keyboard warriors are lighting up their torches and sharpening their pitch forks.

Screenshot from HOGVILLE.net message board.

I have not given up on Coach but I am starting to wonder how this was a QB battle at all. Starkel is the best arm talent the Hogs have had in a few years and we can surprise some teams and keep the defenses honest with Starkel instead of teams loading the box against Rakeem Boyd.

To say I am disappointed would be an understatement but we are a young team with over 50 true/redshirt Freshmen on this team. With many of them in the two deep lineup. The young hogs will play Colorado State this weekend who they lost to last year. Fingers crossed Hogs fans.

Edit 1: Starkel is named starter. Look for improvement after full week of starting reps and the game plan built around what he feels comfy with. I understand Col St will have tape on him but his true arm talent should be enough to beat them. He will toss for 300 and 2 tds. #Starkansas