The Goddamn Jets Prove That No QB, RB, or Anyone For That Matter Can Save Them

The expectations for the Jets this season were the highest they have been in probably 10 years. Sam Darnold was arguably the best QB in football over the last 4 weeks of the year last year, they signed Leveon, CJ Mosley, and some other free agents. A lot of people were saying that the Jets will be one of the most improved teams this year. That still may be the case for the rest of the season, but week 1 was just the same old fucking Jets.

The game was ugly from the beginning. Neither team could move the ball at all and the only points in the first half came off a pick-6 by CJ Mosley. Darnold was getting pressured on almost every dropback, there were really no fucking holes for LeVeon to run through and the weapons on the outside are not really fucking weapons at all! Robby Anderson got shut the fuck down by Tradeveous White and when he did find some room Darnold missed him or he couldn’t haul them in.

Darnold has the tools but he looks scared. He makes throws too early and does not run through the motions. I get that the O-line did not provide great protection today, but come the fuck on Sam. Wait for routes to develop. You can throw the ball more than 5 yards down the field. Darnold threw 41 passes for 175 yards. Let that fucking sink in! If most QBs in this league throw 41 passes they are hitting 400 yards passing. It is fucking insane to me that he only threw for 175! FUCKING INSANE!

LeVeon looked real good actually, but the O-line did not help him out at all. He was his old patient self waiting for holes to open up, except they did not open up at all. I know that this was his first game in almost 2 years but he absolutely needs more than 17 fucking carries! Sam Darnold cannot expect to find open receivers if the run game isn’t being used. Leveon said he did not need a pitch count, but leave it to the fucking Jets to give him one anyway.

The defense looked great…until CJ Mosley got hurt. They made him the highest paid ILB ever for a reason and he was showing why today on the field. He got hurt and the Bills took full advantage! They had zero points until after Mosley left. The Jets could not stop them after that! Hopefully Mosley gets better quick because it seems as if this defense will go as he goes and it could get real ugly real fucking quick this year if he is out an extended period of time.

The Jets get the Browns next week on Monday night. The Browns were unexpectedly blown the fuck out by the Titans today and look for a bounce back next week.

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