On This Day in Sports History…The Commie Fucks Beat the U.S. in the Olympics

Basketball became an Olympic sport in 1936. Between those first Olympics with basketball and the 1972 Olympic games, the United States had never lost a game. The United States finally lost their first Olympic basketball game against the Soviet Union on September 9th 1972. Of all the countries to end the U.S. streak at 63 games it would be the fucking Commies!

In what is considered the most controversial event in Olympic history the Soviet Union defeated the United States 51-50. Many of you have seen the highlight of the game winning shot hit by the Soviets and it will forever be a black eye for Olympic basketball.

Down by 1 with 3 seconds left Doug Collins was fouled while going up for a shot. He made the first free throw and then as he proceeded to shoot the second free throw, the buzzer went off from the scorers table. Collins did not flinch and continued his shot sinking the second free throw to put the US up by 1.

After Collins made the free throw, the Soviet assistant coach starts freaking the fuck out saying that the head coach called a timeout before the free throw. In the meantime the Soviet Union threw the ball in-bounds to try to get a final second shot off. Well with the Soviet coaches screaming at the scorer’s table the ref stopped play with 1 second remaining on the clock. Following a long disagreement between the Soviets and the refs, the referees eventually decided that they would redo the inbound play and reset the clock at 3 seconds.

The second inbounds play let to even more confusion. The Soviets apparently got away with an illegal substitution without the refs noticing. They subbed in a player who could make a full court pass from the end line and the refs had no clue. (Because of course the fuckin commies would try and cheat us any way they could.) Then when the ref handed the ball to the player to be thrown in, the clock had not yet been reset to 3 seconds. The Soviets fucked up the play and the horn went off seemingly leading to a U.S. victory. PSYCHE! Even after the announcers had declared U.S. victory and the fans had stormed the court, the refs demanded the play be redone again. The clock had not been correctly set and therefore a third play would be run by the Soviets with 3 seconds on the clock.

The third play had gone exactly as the Soviets had fucking planned. The Soviet chode threw the full court pass right to his teammate who had an uncontested layup after two U.S. defenders fell out of position. The Soviet asshole hit the layup and the Soviet Union beat the U.S. 51-50 to capture the Gold Medal.

Of course the U.S. filed many protests, but to no avail as they continued getting denied. The U.S. protested on their own by not accepting the Silver Medals from the games. Some of the members from the team have gone as far as to put in their will that nobody will ever be allowed to accept the medal on their behalf. Justifiably salty, the U.S. team never accepted their medals, but their story will always live on. GODDAMN FUCKING COMMIE FUCKS!

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