Kevin Durant is Back to Being a Little Bitch

Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder after the 2016 NBA season. Thunder fans were understandably mad, as were plenty of other fans across the NBA. They were not only mad at him for leaving, but also for who he left them for. Of course, that would the 73 win Golden State Warriors, who eliminated the Thunder in the playoffs that year. Thunder fans were pissed at KD! I’m sure that the entire front office was pissed as well! They had a real chance at a dynasty if he stayed but he said fuck it, I’m out! We all know Russ was fucking furious, but shit happens.

Now KD fuckin snaked another team in GS and joined the Brooklyn Nets, but that’s not what were hear to talk about. Kevin Durant, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, said that the Thunder organization was mean to him after he joined the Warriors. He said the fan base called him bad names and now because of all that he will never be attached to that city again. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE KD!!!

You preached fucking loyalty for all your years with the Thunder. Then you lose to GS and you fucking bounced, not just on the team, but the entire city! They loved you in OKC and now you’re mad that they don’t love you anymore?! You are fucking batshit! You are the biggest fucking hypocrite in the entire world!

How the fuck did you think they would feel?! Did you think they would welcome you back with open arms? You left them dumbass! Of course they are going to be fucking pissed! Every single person in that city has a right to be mad and they do not owe you shit! Stop being a pussy and try to wrap your snake ass around the fact that they are totally justified and fucking hating your guts!

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